Edinburgh Festival Fringe


01 / 08 / 2024
3:30 pm


Paradisum explores the myth of rebirth following the silence of a destroyed world, where the means of communication is the body, and the only common language is movement. The creatures of this idyllic existence unfold from the ever-changing, swirling natural forces of the ‘fabric of life’ pulsating around them to reach the anima mundi, the world soul, through scenes of purification, birth, awakening and ritual.

Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, the performance explores the new possibilities of cirque danse, a genre that combines contemporary dance and circus arts, in search of an ethereal language of movement expressing the concerns of humanity.

After My Land (2018), which drew on the power of the motherland, and Solus Amor (2020), which told of love across time and space, IMA (2022) evoked the creative power of silence. In Paradisum, Recirquel's new production, the ‘fabric of life’ weaves its way through the natural world, organically creating new forms of being, ones without memories, pain or beliefs, where movements are instinctive. They experience the power of community and create a harmonious balance with pure love and trust.

The choreography draws on the aerial and ground genres of circus arts through the medium of contemporary dance to take the cirque danse genre, already well known from Recirquel's productions of the past few years, to new dimensions.


Choreographer, director Bence Vági
Set Design Bence Vági, Emese Kasza
Music Edina Szirtes
Costume Design Emese Kasza
Assistant costume designer Alexandra Pálos
Sound Gábor Terjék
Lighting Attila Lenzsér
Co-choreographers Zita Horváth, Renátó Illés, Gábor Zsíros
Dance Captain Zita Horváth
Creative Staff Nándor Holp, Aliz Schlecht, Kristóf Várnagy
Production Manager Zsófia Szabó


Demissie Efraim
Ádám Fehér
Yevhen Havrylenko
Ivett Ignácz
Kateryna Larina
Andrii Maslov
Sergii Materynskyi
Eszter Seguí-Fábián