Bence Vági

Bence Vági

Founder & artistic director

Ground-breaking forms of circus and theatre

Since ancient times, in Art we are telling the same stories over and over again, regardless of genres. We are messengers, storytellers who are trying to gain ground for the soul in the hearts of people.

Coming from a background of contemporary and classical dance, being trained as a director and choreographer, Bence Vági has matured into a progressive artist pioneering in ground-breaking forms of circus and physical theatre.

The Foundation of Recirquel

With the foundation of Recirquel in 2012, Bence Vági and a handful of young Hungarian acrobats set on a journey leading them beyond everything they ever imagined possible. Bence has directed and choreographed one production after another ever since, and has by now achieved international success with his very distinguishable form of performing arts that redefines the magic of theatre for a contemporary world’s new audiences.