Non Solus

If once there existed a state of primordial unity, then all souls originated from the same source. Ever since, in their human incarnations on earth, fragmented souls have been in search of others so that once again they might be made whole.

Non Solus (not alone) is the story of two humans finding one another, and exploring the innermost depths of their imaginations. It is a perfect union in an imaginary space spun from illusions created by two seemingly very different, yet closely related, disciplines: dance and circus.

The contrast is extended through the synchronicity between the performers and their physical setting. Humanity's journey from birth to death is depicted in the context of an apparently living, breathing, organic stage set. This symbiosis between living and non-living materials, between the artists and their setting, propels the story forward to its inevitable conclusion.

Classical compositions by Bach are alternated with electronic and contemporary organ music to create an innovative aural space that reinforces the dramatic shifts unfolding on the visual plane.

The 2019 premiere of Non Solus in New York’s BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Art), one of the world’s leading centres for progressive and avant garde performances marks the first ever USA staging of a Recirquel production.


Writer, director, choreographer Bence Vági
Visual concept Bence Vági, Árpád Iványi
Composer Gábor (Fiddler) Terjék
Stage set Árpád Iványi
Projection and animation András Sass, Tamás Vaspöri, László Czigány (Maxin10sity)
Lighting design Attila Lenzsér
Costumes Kriszta Berzsenyi
Technical director Tamás Vladár
Assistant to the stage set designer Áron Pintér
Assistant to the costume designer Klára Muladi
Featured on the recording – organ László Fassang


Performed by Renátó Illés and Gábor Zsíros