Müpa Budapest

Solus Amor

31 / 10 / 2020
7:00 pm

Solus Amor

Solus Amor, Recirquel’s brand new production will premiere on October 15th 2020 at the CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival in Müpa Budapest.

The company’s new creation, written and directed by Bence Vági, fits into the creative process of Non Solus and My Land, the foundations of a new genre in performing arts called cirque danse.

As a result of the progression of Recirquel’s artistic and technical staff through the years, Solus Amor now means a new dimension to what we understand under the notion of cirque danse. Solus Amor is dance performed in the air, which requires the acrobat to be physically prepared and exhibit technical precision that meets the emotional depth of the dance. The archaic, eternal and ethereal space of the stage creating an organic visuality with the performers’ movements represents the infinity of the universe and the immediate home of humanity at the same time.


Thousands of years have passed, and we are still questioning our existence on this lonely planet, floating in the darkness: what exactly is the purpose and reason for our momentary existence? We build rockets to seek distant worlds; we dissect life, we understand, research and analyse things. A sense of fullness and satisfaction is encrypted in love: there is no distance, no questions, doubts, or solitude.

In some respect, art is a tool at humans’ disposal to survive the process of our divergence from nature. Solus Amor has created a reimagined theatrical space, the sole purpose of which is to bridge this gap by embracing both the performer and the audience through visual grandiosity and the organic operation of space, similarly to nature. It grasps human emotions with the mirage and momentum of miracles, while making it possible for the audience to wind down and immerse themselves as if they were saying their prayers.