Contemporary circus tale for the holiday season

In the 2023/24 winter season Müpa presents 'Kristály' in Budapest's Millenáris. The immersive production that originally premiered six years ago evokes the atmosphere of the Winter Holiday Season. The contemporary circus winter tale welcomes children and adults alike in its snow-covered installation space that the audience can walk around and discover during the show. The unusual circus setting offers a unique experience for the celebration of the Winter Holidays, and a one-of-a-kind spectacle showcasing an exceptional series of amazing acrobatic and dance acts.

The world of ‘Kristály’

The sparklingly frozen fairy-tale scenes come to live before the very eyes of the audience who become active participants of the show while moving around with the Elf, the show’s master of ceremonies to experience the different acts. The story evoking the characters and narratives of classic tales leads us to a world of glittering ice made by the Snow Queen who had lost her faith in human emotions and froze everything and everyone. The audience and the performers search for the warmth of love, the hope of light in the spectacle’s space filled with enthralling illusions and spellbinding feats.

‘Kristály’ was created and written by Bence Vági, working with long-time company members Renátó Illés, as co-director and acrobat-choreographer, and Gábor Zsíros, as choreographer. Featuring original music pieces and adaptations of Christmas classics, the score was written by Dávid Mester and Gábor Terjék.

The production can be adapted to any empty, large space like a circus tent, an arena, a large hall (including sport-halls, factory halls, museum halls, etc.) The structure of the show allows 3-4 performances a day.


Artistic director, writer Bence Vági
Co-director, acrobatic choreographer Renátó Illés
Choreographer Gábor Zsíros
Composer Dávid Mester
Composer, arranger Gábor Terjék
Set designer Péter Klimó
Costume designer Emese Kasza
Lighting designer Attila Lenzsér
Hip-hop choreographer Márk Csörögi
Acrobat coach Böbe Ócsai
Technical director Tamás Vladár
Make-up artist Szilvia Ipacs
Hairdresser Balázs Kazi
Production manager Zsófia Szabó
Assistant set designer Kornélia Pallós
Assistant costume designer Klára Muladi
Répétiteur Zita Horváth, Demissie Efraim

Performers 2023-2024

Kristály (Snow Queen) Juli Horányi
Elf Brigitta Egyed
Acrobats Gordon Buti
Ádám Fehér
Yevhen Havrylenko
Kateryna Larina
Andrii Maslov
Roland Pfeiffer
Aleksandr Plishkin
Soma Rozsnyói
Beata Slabko
Hip-hop dancers Demissie Efraim
Gergő Elekes
Dániel Hefler
Péter Katona