Our new cirque danse production is an immersive theatrical experience that transports the viewer from the physical reality of earthly existence. The installation, which evokes the depth of the universe, invites you on a journey inside: in the pulsating space brought to life by the light emanating from millions of points, the Spirit, leaving behind the Ego, embarks on its own path. Escaping the noise of the present, in the solitude of the universe, torn out of time and space, it hears the voice of its own essence. As in the company’s previous works, the power of IMA is rooted in the modern-day longing for a miracle.

IMA (Pray) premiered on 1st April 2022 in the program of the Bartók Spring in Müpa Budapest.


Choreographer, director Bence Vági
Music Edina Mókus Szirtes
IMA installation Bence Vági, Tamás Vladár
Lobby design Árpád Iványi
Costumes Emese Kasza
Sound Gábor Terjék
Lighting Attila Lenzsér
Technical director, flight specialist Tamás Vladár
Creative assistant to the director Kristóf Várnagy
Assistant to the director Aliz Schlecht


Charles-Éric Bouchard
Ádám Fehér
Zita Horváth
Renátó Illés
Gábor Zsíros