IMA premiere: a unique immersive theatre experience

Our company’s new cirque danse production, IMA (Pray) premiers on 1st April 2022 in the program of the Bartók Spring International Arts Festival. Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, artistic director of Recirquel, IMA aims at transporting the viewer from the physical reality of earthly existence. As a result of the immersive theatre experience, the visitor gets to a unique sensational and mental state, and floats with the performers in a pulsating space brought to life by the light emanating from millions of points.

Presented in a venue specific installation space built in the Müpa Tent, IMA follows on the artistic traditions of Recirquel’s earlier cirque danse creations, Non Solus, My Land and Solus Amor. Merging modern dance and circus arts, the new production also beats a new path by offering the audience an original immersive theatre experience.

A one-performer piece, IMA is played by four world-class acrobats – Zita Horváth, Renátó Illés, Gábor Zsíros and Charles-Éric Bouchard – who perform it separately. At the same time, IMA is a real multi-disciplinary creation, where production and lighting design, music and sound design organically work together to create the spacious, floating experience of the installation space evoking the mysteries of the universe. The original music by Edina “Mókus” Szirtes and the sound design by Gábor Terjék play an essential role in the show, as well as the lighting design created by Attila Lenzsér. The IMA-installation was conceived by Bence Vági and Tamás Vladás, the lobby was designed by Árpád Iványi, while the production design is made complete with the costumes designed by Emese Kasza.