The Ukrainian artists of Recirquel continue the My Land Grand Tour in the Netherlands

Following its 5-month sold-out tour in France, My Land now continues touring in the Netherlands, where it is played in 23 theatres between 22nd March and 17th April 2022. The Ukrainian artists of the piece continue performing and reach out to the audience with a show dedicated to their homeland. Terrified by the war in Ukraine, each evening they are on stage for their home, their families, their friends, as they believe that art is their most powerful tool to stand with their homeland. 


In recent weeks, My Land has unexpectedly gained a new meaning because of the present war in Ukraine. Recirquel’s cirque danse production features seven of Ukraine’s most talented young circus artists, what is more, My Land was created based on their personal stories, it talks about the performers’ love for and devotion to their homeland, Ukraine. Their roots are of key importance in the music of the show, as well. Traditional Tatar, Moldavian, and other music pieces from Ukraine were used to create the musical score of My Land.


Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, founder and artistic director of the Hungarian contemporary circus company, Recirquel, My Land premiered at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018, where it was rated by critics as the best production of the entire Edinburgh International Festival. The following year it was a sold-out success at Avignon OFF in France, at the world’s premier performing arts festival.


My Land is part modern dance, part circus performance, incorporating theatrical finesse and the energy of the Eastern European acrobatic arts to create the new performing arts genre, cirque danse. In the show’s ambitious staging, performers rise from a soil-covered set to tell their personal stories, creating mesmerising images evoking tradition, freedom, and love. Focusing on the eternal link between people and their homelands, My Land resonates with the most ancient myths of humanity, following the artists as they search for the sound of their own freedom in a timeless space expanded by illusions.


“Now it is more important than ever for our artists to be on stage and use their art to tell the audience about their homeland, about Ukraine,” said Bence Vági. “Their loved ones, their families, their friends, their entire life is in danger now, that is why they go on the stage to perform each day.”


My Land is one of Recirquel’s most successful productions, since its premiere it has toured in many countries around Europe, had its 200th performance in the beginning of this February in France.