Amazing Polar Bear Puppet in Solus Amor

In our new show, Solus Amor premiering on 15th October 2020 in the program of CAFé Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival in Müpa we have a very special performer working with us: an amazing polar bear puppet and her baby created especially for our show by Janni Younge Productions, a South African contemporary puppetry company.

Janni Younge is a director and producer of multimedia theatrical works, with an emphasis on puppetry arts; her work has been performed widely all around the world. Recognition includes the prestigious SBYAA for Theatre, several Fleur du Cap awards and the Nagroda award for direction. Janni Younge developed the bears with a highly skilled team artists and technicians who worked in the War Horse studio.  The bears’ technology draws on the intricate articulation of animal movement developed at Handspring Puppet Company where Janni was a director at the time.

Directed and choreographed by Bence Vági, the artistic director of Recirquel, Solus Amor is a monumental aerial production that employs cirque danse, a language created with and by the company in the course of several years. The production evoking the only, primeval energy that spans all space and time, and connects us all, draws its power from the contemporary yearning for nature and wonders.