Paris de Nuit

Broadway Baby
"The exceptional extravaganza that is Paris de Nuit is taking the Fringe by storm this summer and rightly so."
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"Hungarian circus troupe Recirquel transport us to the saucy world of 1930s Pigalle for this dazzling display of deliciously different circus skills, interactive flourishes and mesmerising direction."
"The cast deliver a very sensual and stylish performance whilst also demonstrating the most incredible strength and skill."
The Wee Review
"…this is a sleek and sexy show that’s sure to satisfy all of your cabaret desires."
The Scotsman
"Paris de Nuit is so hot and steamy, there’s practically condensation on the walls."

Paris De Nuit is taking its audience into the roaring variety life of the 30's filled with its voluptuous desires and beauty. Revealing illusionary moments from the lives of prostitutes and peddlers, down and outs and illicit lovers who lived on the edges of society. An evening of lust, love and loneliness inspired by the characteristic world of the famous Hungarian photographer, Brassaï. Stunning circus artists, dancers and musicians are bringing the decadent but loveable secret Paris nights in the 1930's to life.

It is Recirquel’s the most often played production that celebrated its 200th performance in January 2019. Receiving its premiere in 2014 in Müpa Budapest, in the program of CAFé Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, the show has been invited to some of the most prestigious performing arts festivals and leading theatres around the world: Bogota (Colombia), Cannes & Paris (France), Santander (Spain), Latitude (United Kingdom), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Tampere (Finland), Bergen (Norway), several cities in The Netherlands, including Heerlen, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Breda.

In 2017 Recirquel participated in Scotland’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time ever in the history of the company: Paris De Nuit was one of the top-rated, most popular and one of the few 100% sold out shows of the festival: responding to popular demand it is returning to the Fringe in 2019.

Recirquel’s Paris De Nuit even amazed the world-famous fashion designer, JeanPaul Gaultier: after seeing the show in Paris, he said it was the best circus performance he had ever seen.


Writer, director, choreographer Bence Vági
Composer Péter Sárik
Stage set Bence Vági, Árpád Iványi
Costume design Kriszta Berzsenyi
Lighting design Zsolt Kiss
Co-choreographer Gábor Zsíros
Acrobat coach Böbe Ócsai