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After last year’s success, Recirquel is returning this summer to the world’s biggest festival of arts and culture with “My Land,” an artistic vision inspired by the eternal inheritance of humankind and Earth.

The creators of last year’s hit “Paris de Nuit”- which received positive reviews from professionals and critics all over the world - present their new creation. The new show, a vision of light and shadow crafted by six stunning circus artists fusing mind-blowing skills and raw talent, will be showcased at this year’s Fringe Festival, a three-week-long celebration of culture in Edinburgh.

The play, directed by Bence Vági, will be presented a total of 23 times at the festival, which attracts nearly two million people every year with its more than 50 thousand performances of 3000 shows.

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We have performed Paris De Nuit in Spain for the first time. The show made its premier in the largest and most important cultural centre of Cantabria on April 20, 2018, for an audience of more than 1500 people. Palacio Festivales Cantabria is home of the Santander International Festival, alongside many other international cultural productions. In the last two years, Paris De Nuit has received critical acclaim in numerous theatres around the world, from Bogota to Paris. During last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, nearly ten thousand people, including one hundred theatre directors got to see the performance, which received several prestigious five-star awards. Following the performance in Spain, Paris De Nuit will also be performed at the Latitude Festival in England this summer, as well as the Bergen International Festival, the largest cultural festival of the Northern European countries.

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Recirquel toured Italy between November 24 and December 2, 2017. The internationally famous performance of the company, Night Circus, was invited to the theatres of four North Italian towns, Vicenza, Treviso, Mestre and Legnano. During the eight-day tour, we performed the show a total of seven times in Italian. This is not the first time that Night Circus has been presented in prestigious theatres around the world: last year, the world-famous Montréal theatre of Cirque du Soleil, La TOHU, opened their theatre season with this performance. Night Circus was selected to participate on CINARS Biennale (Conférence internationale des arts de la scéne), the world’s largest performing arts festival, in 2016.

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Shows of the Hungarian qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest (A Dal 2018) open with Recirquel shows. The audience will see scenes from the company’s critically acclaimed and popular performances during the second and third qualifications, the semi-finals and the finals. During the two-three-minute-long performances, the audience will get a taste of several contemporary circus acts, such as aerial acrobatics, swinging pole, foot juggling, hand voltige and hand balancing. The performances will include redirected scenes from the internationally acclaimed shows of Recirquel and unique productions as well, created specifically for ‘A Dal’. A redirected version of the aerial scene of the 2017 FINA World Championships’ closing ceremony performance will be included, as well as a scene from Paris De Nuit, which received positive feedbacks from professionals and critics alike last year at the largest festival in the world, Edinburgh Fringe.

Recirquel presented The Naked Clown, its most monumental show in the Grand Theatre of Łódź on November 21, 2017, during the Polish-Hungarian Cultural Season. The audience experienced the production with Polish narratives, which gave the performance a unique national taste. Performing shows in the local national language has become a trademark of Recirquel in the last few years, as they have performed The Naked Clown in French and Hebrew before. Audiences appreciate the gesture of being able to view the performance in their own language, which provides a more intense experience for them.