contemporary circus company

Budapest’s acclaimed contemporary circus company, Recirquel, makes its BAM debut with Non Solus (Not Alone). This powerful work for two male performers created by Bence Vági, founder and artistic director of the company, tells the story of fragmented souls yearning to form a perfect union, a journey relayed through the closely related disciplines of dance and circus. The piece is performed by Renátó Illés and Gábor Zsiros, who were originally trained in circus and dance, respectively, and then cross-trained for the work. Non Solus is set to compositions by Bach, which alternate with contemporary electronic organ music—creating an aural space that underscores dramatic physical feats.

By merging the poetic delicacy represented by dance and the enchantment quality of circus, Non Solus lays the foundations of a new genre in performing arts, Bence Vági refers to as ‘cirque danse’.