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The audience is crazy about Áron Pintér, the gloomy clown-juggler of the Recirquel New Circus Company. The acrobat plays the role of the sad clown with such a kid-like melancholy every night that the spectator feels like comforting him. Yet Áron in his childhood was definitely scared of clowns. Then something happened to him – we could call it a wonderful event – and from that day he was not interested in anything else but the circus. He wanted to be a clown and an acrobat.

00 PinterAron

The young man did not cease to be thankful to his parents for educating him in a non-usual way. Áron, instead of watching TV or playing with the computer spent his days with painting, drawing and a lot of reading. Later, exactly at ten started to juggle at home with his hands and legs, to the sincere admiration of his family and friends.

"When I was a little kid they tried to drag me along to the circus but the clown standing at the gate scared the hell out of me. So I boycotted the performance. Luckily they did not give up and tried it again. On my tenth birthday my grandparents took me to a circus performance. A Russian company made an appearance, and I was completely fascinated by the experience. I even remember its title: Illusion and Wonder. As an addition, the Russian clown appeared with a swinging wire, which also became my favorite requisite along the line. From that day on the meaning of life was the circus – at home we had to play circus, my mother made me a clown make-up, I drew clowns everywhere and I started to juggle with every object I could possibly touch. Luckily everybody supported my decision all the time".

On one of his summer vacations he went to a circus camp, where the eleven-year-old who juggled with 3-4 balls together and biked on a unicycle attracted everyone's attention. It was in the school of acrobats where the young man, who spends his free time with painting pictures of a great artistic value, became familiar with his constant stage accessory, the swinging wire, and later he became the student of the famous acrobat, Éva Zboray. Apart from him, very few people are able to use this extremely complicated and difficult accessory. In the leg-juggling it was some of the descendants of an established circus dynasty: Ferenc Picard and Éva Váradi.

It happened also in the school of acrobats that he met his constant acrobat partner, Leonetta Lakatos, who is also his inseparable partner in the shows of the Recirquel. "As we sat next to each other, we started to become friends, and we've worked together since 2011. We complete each other perfectly, I think we are unique together".
The next show of the the no doubt offbeat couple is in the newest performance of Recirquel. They will play an old married couple in the show A Night in Paris. "Compared to the classic, a bit socialist-realist acrobat education of mine, Recirquel showed me a completely different form of being on the stage. I have been a member of the company from the very first show and it's been three years now. Since then I have dedicated a lot of time to develop my gestures, facial expressions and feelings. On one hand, this helps to form and to polish my characters. What is more, I think I have become more mature than my real age". The young acrobat really could do with a little wisdom, as it is definitely not easy to digest going from school straight to the stage of the Palace of Arts. "Sometimes this is still beyond my grasp, I did not even suspect that these events would be such a breakthrough on the page and also in my fate".

"Thanks to Recirquel, I now believe in myself, that I am capable of anything. Anywhere I am at anytime and in everything I do my soul and my thoughts are with the company".