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A new actress is introducing herself to the audience in the second production of the Recirquel New Circus Company. The star of the show titled "The naked clown", Brigitta Egyed, who plays the role of the clown in a brilliant way, joined the company in March for the time being as a guest artist.

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At the Palace of Arts the character of the clown is double casted, it is generally Brigitta who plays the role of the protagonist with a melancholy soul. The 32year-old actress used to be the favorite of the audience of Veszprém, as she had been the leading actress of the Pannon Castle Theatre for more than ten years. Yet, when her sister called her attention to the casting of Recirquel, Brigi did not hesitate a moment.

"I wanted to give myself a chance no matter what, although they were looking for men. I wondered if I could hold my own outside Veszprém. I also needed new impressions and people in my life". At the audition in March the actress performed the evergreen song of Béla Zerkovitz "Learn, my son, how to farce" with such a penetrating emotion, that after her performance the whole auditorium was reigned with silence for some moments. "Those times I was not on top emotionally. But I released all my pain, I even cried. I did not want to show off, I showed my real being. I felt that the production was okay. The next day I kept suggesting to myself that I got the role". And so it happened: the director of Recirquel, Bence Vági called Brigitta between two rehearsals in Veszprém to tell her, the role was hers. "I was so glad I had to sit down on the street". With this smash hit and with Andor Ajtay's lyrics, Brigitta has been making the audience of the Palace of Arts cry too. The protagonist considers herself a typical clown. "The embodiment of freedom for me is the clown. The funny-sad character is exactly my cup of tea, not a grown-up, not a child, not a woman, neither a man – children love him, as we can identify with each other. What is more, as a clown you have a lot of chances to improvise since the smallest spectators often shout up to me to the stage". But the fact is what the protagonist of the new Recirquel show, Brigitta Egyed likes the most is that on stage, apart from entertaining, she can release all her pain. "Whatever happens in my life, I step over it, but the wounds are left inside.
That is when the stage comes in handy. I play every night for my parents, especially my mother who is already watching me from above. I sing the song for her and I address every sentence of mine to her. The director of the show, Bence Vági has written three beautiful monologues for the clown. The last one, the goodbye of the clown is about passing. These times I say good bye in my soul to my mother, who died in my arms a long time ago".

The performance "The naked clown" next will be played on the 8th of September, 2014, in the Festival Theater of the Palace of Arts.