contemporary circus company

Director, Founder

Bence was acquainted with performing arts through dance. At an early age he became a member of a pioneering dance community led by the famous Hungarian choreographer and dancer Endre Jeszenszky. Besides teaching Russian ballet, the master introduced a new language of modern dance in Hungary in the early 80's and 90's.

Bence's passion for dance and theatre, his eagerness to learn and to discover led him to apply to one of Britain's outstanding Performing Arts Universities founded and patronized by Sir Paul McCartney. Moving abroad was an important and very much expected step in his life as he has always been guided by his unceasing curiosity, moreover, as a child he already had a particularly significant experience living abroad when his family, who denied communism, went to live in Germany until the Berlin wall fell.

While continuing his dance studies in the UK he opened his focus and complemented his studies with other elements of theatre such as light and set design along with song writing. His admiration for the work of the American choreographer Bob Fosse inspired him to start a still continuing research and passion for the 1920's and 30's cabaret and variety performances. For a long time, in many of his works cabaret and variety have been the dominant genres where borders between performers and audience disappear.

As a graduate choreographer and director of Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, his independent productions drove him to work in the UK, Portugal and Brussels before going back and settling down in Hungary. When he returned, he met one of his most determinant masters Katalin Fekete, the Hungarian filmmaker. Thanks to her, he could discover the world of Sergei Ostrenko, a Russian acting coach who introduced the Stanislavski acting method to Bence. His time spent with Ostrenko in Russia and Ukraine strengthened the development of his East-Central European awareness and of his own identity.

Not quite sure of the reason why, but circus has always appeared in his works in different stylistic manners. However, when he is asked why he has chosen the world of circus, he simply answers "It must have been all the weekends spent with my grandmother in the circus.". In 2012, he created a show with 11 talented acrobats for Sziget Festival. After the overnight success of this production it was no longer a question that they would continue their path together, so they founded Recirquel Company Budapest. Over 3 years, Bence has created a new language for the reputable Hungarian circus arts. With the advanced technique of circus artists in collaboration with dance music and theatre, he proposes a unique style of East-Central European Contemporary Circus.