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Recirquel Company

Since its foundation seven years ago, Recirquel Company Budapest with the leading of its founder and artistic director Bence Vági has toured to several places around Hungary and the world. Vági's aim was to develop a unique, permissive expression of Eastern–Central Europe's cultural heritage that would narrow the distance between physical theatre, dance and circus – and to introduce this new genre of contemporary circus to the world.

In 2012 Bence Vági invited 11 young and talented acrobats from Hungary’s circus art school to create a performance for the 20th anniversary of Sziget Festival.

After the success of this first show, the young company attracted appreciative audiences and was invited by Müpa Budapest, Palace of Arts and the Budapest Spring Festival to realise the company’s first contemporary circus production designed for a theatre stage. The creation of ’Night Circus’ was followed by other successful Recirquel productions: the premiere of The Naked Clown at the Budapest Spring Festival 2014, Paris de Nuit in the autumn of the same year, Non Solus (Not Alone) at the Budapest Autumn Festival in 2015, and Adieu! in 2017. The most recent production of the company is My Land that received its international premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where on the basis of critics's oppinions it was best out of a total of several thousand contenders. For the 2018 winter season Recirquel created 'Kristály', a winter tale evoking the atmosphere of Christmas - it was featured in a huge circus tent built in front of Müpa.

Since the successful premiere of Hungary’s first contemporary circus production until nowadays all Recirquel productions have remained in the repertory of Müpa Budapest, and run with full house all through the year.

Throughout its international tours, Recirquel performed at numerous prestigous venues such as the Tel-Aviv Opera, the Palais des Festival et des Congrés of Cannes or the Columbian Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá, one of the world’s largest performing arts festivals, and the company also had the exceptional honour to open the 2016/2017 season of the famous La TOHU in Montréal, ’the homeland’ of contemporary circus, with Night Circus.  The company is already a returning participant at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where they performed Paris de Nuit in 2017, and returned with the international premiere of My Land in 2018. The year 2019 starts with Recirquel's first ever premiere in the US: BAM (Brookly Academy of Music), New York's acclaimed home of avante garde arts plays Non Solus in February.

Finally, in 2017 Bence Vági was invited to direct the Closing Ceremony of the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships hosted by Budapest in the country’s largest Arena. The show, based on Hungary’s most ancient legend, The Golden Stag, united two hundred circus artists and dancers from all over the world in the artistic concept of Bence Vági.