Solus Amor on tour in France

We are presenting our aerial cirque danse show at one of the world’s leading contemporary dance festivals, the Festival de Danse Cannes. The Solus Amor tour starting on 22nd November 2023 travels around France before arriving to the three-week Cannes Festival presenting productions from all around the world. We are performing on the grand stage of Palais de Festival, home of the Cannes International Film Festival.


Founded in 1985, Festival de Danse Cannes is organised every second year presenting mainly modern dance productions, while the Mov’in Cannes International Dance Film Festival is also part of the program. This year a total of 27 companies have been invited from all around the world, including modern dance companies from Taiwan, Spain, Israel, Norway, France, with Recirquel being the only Hungarian troupe. International premiers, iconic repertoire pieces and emerging dance companies can be found in the program.


The Solus Amor tour in France is scheduled to continue in the spring of 2024, visiting further venues belonging to the Association of French National Theatres.