IMA winner of the Seoul Arts Awards in Edinburgh

Our immersive cirque danse production, IMA has won the Seoul Arts Award founded to reward the diverse range of high quality talent at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from around the world. Winners of the prestigious award will receive an opportunity to perform in the Republic of Korea over the next two years.


Angella Kwon, Global Cultural Exchange Committee Chair said: “It’s gratifying to be able to select outstanding performances as award-winners. The performances are beautiful and astonishing with each one delivering a unique sense of the ‘wow factor’. I cannot contain my joy at creating an opportunity to introduce such wonderful performances to South Korean audiences and I hope to use these awards as a chance to further strengthen global cultural exchange.”


Bence Vági, director-choreographer of IMA said at the awards ceremony: “We are honoured to receive a Seoul Arts Awards for our immersive circus dance production IMA. I am grateful for Assembly and William Burdett-Coutts for believing in our artistic vision and welcoming us at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.”