IMA featured in The Times – Edinburgh International Festival Guide

"The best in show: spectacular circus, physical theatre and dance"

"Most circus shows are colorful spectacles, with acrobatic performers showing off their skills and defying gravity. This immersive, award-winning show from the Hungarian “cirque danse” company Recirquel is rather different.


There is a space for almost 100 people in a specially constructed triangular tent in Murrayfield Ice Rink, where everyone sits down on chairs, the floor or beanbags - deliberately apart from each other. Then, in subdued lighting that may take a short time to get used to, a single acrobat (or sometimes dancer) suspended from straps performs an intricately choreographed routine that almost looks as if it’s happening in slow motion.


Thousands of pin pricks in the tent, lit from the outside, give the impression that you’re all bathed in starlight, and as the lights move you get the sense that you’re the one slowly rotating. It’s an unusually contemplative offering designed to make you feel part of a sacred ritual.


There are four 40-minute shows a day (six at weekends) and each of the daily shows is performed by a different artist, each bringing their own style and interpretation.


Details: Assembly at Murrayfield Ice Rink, various times, Aug 4-27 (not 15, 22)
£16, two-for-one Aug 7-8 ("


The Times