ARTE’s My Land documentary is now available with multiple subtitles

The My Land – My Land? Ukrainian Acrobats Between Art and War (original title: Mein Land – Mein Land? Ukrainische Artisten zwischen Kunst und Krieg) documentary feature commissioned by the leading European art channel is now available with English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German and French subtitles for watching online. 


In addition to the documentary, a recording of the entire My Land performance made by Müpa Budapest is also available online on ARTE. 


The creators of the 60-minute documentary travelled with the members of the company for months, following news about the break-out of the war against Ukraine. The My Land team was touring in France when the first pieces of news reached them, and the production based on the personal stories of the Ukrainian performers gained completely new meaning. What is the role of the artist at a time of war? Perform or fight? The film presents the personal stories, doubts, and reflections of the performers to these dilemmas and on the tragic news arriving from their homeland. 


The documentary film titled Mein Land – Mein Land? Ukrainische Artisten zwischen Kunst und Krieg) was directed by acclaimed film director, Ilka Franzmann, who decided to make a documentary about the artists of My Land after seeing the show. She contacted ARTE, and the TV company approved the filming almost overnight. Ilka and her crew followed the artists to several performances in France, then to Müpa Budapest and the Recirquel rehearsal base that is also located in Budapest, Hungary.