Recirquel - My Land
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My Land
A return to origins

A fusion of ancient tradition, contemporary circus art and mind-blowing skills presented with an experimental vision of light and shadow. Received its world premier and was rated as best show last year in Edinburgh – My Land explores humanity’s roots under the guidance of hungarian artistic director Bence Vági.

Staging seven of Ukrain’s most talented acrobats, My Land tells the story of humankind by telling personal stories about most primal human experiences such as tradition, freedom and love.

Recirquel resonates with the most ancient myths of humanity, staging artists as they search for the sound of their own freedom in a timeless space expanded by illusions.

Recirquel - Paris de Nuit
Box Office - - 0131 623 3030 | 22:30 - 01-25 Aug

Paris De Nuit
An enchanting journey

The 2017 hit and the one of the few 100% sold out shows of Fringe is back on stage! Let the show guide you to the world of frivol and decadent yet lovable Paris nights! Paris De Nuit is taking its audience into the roaring 30's filled with its voluptuous desires and beauty.

Revealing illusionary moments from the lives of prostitutes and peddlers, down and outs and illicit lovers who lived on the edges of society.

An evening of lust, love and loneliness performed by stunning circus artists, dancers and musicians bringing the mesmerizing Paris nights to life.


Theather - Circus Art
Physical Strength

Recirquel aims to bend the boundaries of traditional art forms.
Its art is a mixture of redefined theatre performance,
contemporary circus, intuitive and free self-expression yet all these coreographed in a conceptualized way where every
little detail has its own meaning.

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"...a coctail of seduction, sensitivity, laughhter and sorrow"
Across the Arts *****
"...a very sensual and stylish performance..."
One4Review *****
"...a circus with a lustful appeal to all tastes"
Voice Magazine *****
Broadway Baby *****
The Reviews Hub *****
The Scotsman ****
The Wee Review ****


"...visually stunning and packed with flawless acrobatic feats"
*****The Wee Review
"...a beautifully performed and breathtaking performance"
" is groundbreaking work"
*****British Theatre Guide
*****The List
*****The Scotsman
*****Edinburgh Guide
*****Edinburgh Reporter
*****Voice Magazine
*****Fest Magazine