contemporary circus company

Recirquel Company

Recirquel Company was founded in Budapest in 2012 by director and choreographer Bence Vági. His vision for a new form of circus in Hungary drew on a long tradition. Hungarian classical circus dates from 1800, and Budapest was the site of one of the oldest circus schools in Europe, established in 1950. With Recirquel, however, Vági's aim was to develop a unique, permissive expression of Eastern–Central Europe's cultural heritage that would narrow the distance between physical theatre, dance and circus – and to introduce this new genre of contemporary circus to the world.

Since Recirquel's formation in 2012, the artists, all still in their late teens when they started working with Bence Vági, have grown along with the company. Through their shared professional life, they have formed a strong community; a family. Together, they have gained new perceptions and impressions that have shaped each of the company's productions and created new forms of artistic language.

The company's strong team spirit nurtures each of the artists' individual talents, helping to further the vision of the artistic director. "We believe that team spirit helps to support our creative expression and extend our art into new areas," says Vági. Instead of choosing new artists for each creation, Recirquel's approach is to emphasize the creative development of each individual performer so that they reveal new aspects of their character in each performance.

The creation of a new show consists of an initial research phase lasting five to six months, followed by four months of creative work with the artistic crew and the performers. Recirquel's creations embrace their audience in such a way that the distance between spectators and performers vanishes. Frédéric Jérome, director of the Folies Bergère music hall in Paris, has described the works as being "like a remedy for the human soul".

Recirquel's first show, Night Circus, premiered in the spring of 2013 and was an overnight success. The young company not only attracted appreciative audiences, but also gained practical support from Hungary's leading cultural institution, the Palace of Arts – Müpa Budapest. Csaba Káel, Müpa's CEO, played an important role in providing a home for the new circus in an institute that was best known for hosting performances of classical, jazz and world music, and dance. The company has presented all its subsequent productions at the venue.

In the spring of 2014, The Naked Clown, Recirquel's second show, premiered at the Budapest Spring Festival, before playing at Müpa. In December 2014, the artists toured the South of France, performing Night Circus in Marseilles, Arcachon, Saint-Maxime and Bayonne, with astounding success. The following April, the company took Night Circus to Novi Sad, Serbia, becoming the first contemporary circus to entertain audiences in that country.

In the second part of 2015, the company performed at the Cultura Nova Festival, in the Netherlands, and at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. It also toured at home in Hungary, delighting local audiences in the cities of Debrecen, Szarvas, Nyíregyháza, Békéscsaba, Szolnok, Veszprém and Dunaújváros.

In 2016, Recirquel was performing in Bogota, Colombia, at one of the world's most prestigious theatre festivals in spring. Seasons in Spain, France and Tel Aviv will provide further opportunities for Hungary's unique contemporary circus company to perform for international audiences and for its professional peers. Founder and artistic director Bence Vági's vision is at last being realized.